Will you get the
COVID-19 vaccine?

Vaccines and the virus... unless you've been hiding in a remote mountain cave, you're reading and hearing a lot about the need for a vaccine to return to "normal life."

Do you think we will either need to get a vaccine or be tracked by phone? Or maybe we'll need a 'COVID Card' to return to normal life?

The ultimate decision will be made by the same 'authorities' who shut down the economy... run the DMV... and think they should control your health care. Is that ok with you?
1) Will you get the COVID-19 vaccine?

2) Do you think the vaccine will be available by the fall of 2020?

3) Would you volunteer for 'contact tracing' via your mobile phone, if you contract the virus?

4) Do you believe you are already being tracked via your phone?

5) Do you think Americans will be required to carry some sort of 'COVID Card' in order to move freely?

6) Do you believe the official numbers on the coronavirus reported by the CDC?

7) Do you think 'flattening the curve' (stretching out the infection rate over a longer period of time) was necessary?

8) Do you believe the 'stay at home' orders were necessary to stop the coronavirus from spreading?

9) Do you believe governors and other authorities violated the U.S. Constitution with their executive orders to "shelter in place" and close businesses?