Should it be illegal to sell
raw milk in the U.S.?

Has healthy raw milk been converted into a synthetic nonfood by cooking it under the pretense of purity, cleanliness and shelf life?

Or has it merely been made safe for us to drink via pasteurization?

Personal Liberty Media and Bob Livingston Alerts are conducting an urgent poll to find out whether you think it is a demonstration of how far we've traversed from the Constitution that the government can now prevent you from drinking raw milk, or if the laws against selling it are for our own protection.

Please let us know! We’ll share the (anonymous) results with you so you can see what others think… please choose your responses below and check your email for the results.

1) Should it be illegal to sell raw milk in the U.S.?

2) Do you think the FDA has overreached in their ban of raw milk sales?

3) Have you ever tried raw milk?

4) Would you buy raw milk instead of pasteurized milk if you could?

5) Do you believe raw milk has health benefits?

6) Do you drink soy, almond or another form of “milk” instead of pasteurized milk?