Do You Think Voters Will Dump Trump in 2020?

We want to know how you feel about Donald Trump and the 2020 election. From the recent impeachment inquiry, immigration and border issues to gun control efforts and the 2nd Amendment, thousands will vote. Join the masses to see where you stand in comparison (you’ll also be able to comment when we send you the results). The poll is comprised of 4 sections and will take less than 5 minutes to complete… and once you do, you can claim 50 years of priceless wisdom!

1) Do you think President Trump will win re-election in 2020?

2) Do you think President Trump's personality will hurt him or help him in the 2020 election?

3) Would you like to see someone challenge President Trump in the Republican primary?

4) Have you benefited from the Trump tax cuts?

5) Should the U.S. have a national, state-run media network?

6) Are you worried that America will become more socialist?

7) Is the Democrat/Republican divide real or a product of propaganda?

8) Do you agree with President Trump that the census should include a question about citizenship?

9) Do you support President Trump's use of troops to control immigration at the border?

10) Should President Trump close the border with Mexico to help secure the border?

11) Should immigrants be sent to “sanctuary cities” while they wait for asylum?

12) Should President Trump shut down the government until he gets funding for the border wall?

13) Do you believe building a wall at the Mexico border constitutes a national emergency?

14) Will Trump's bump stock ban cause gun owners to turn on the president?

15) Do you think firearm accessories should be covered by the 2nd Amendment?

16) Should the federal ban on bump stocks be overturned?

17) Do you believe that some places like college campuses or government offices should be gun-free zones?

18) Do you believe Democrats will be successful in passing new gun control legislation at the state level after the 2020 election?

19) Should background checks be required to purchase ammunition?

20) Do you think the Democrats are trying to impeach President Trump because they know they can’t win in 2020?

21) Do you think the House Impeachment Inquiry sessions should be open or secret?

22) Where will the 'impeachment inquiry' lead?

23) Do you think the GOP-controlled Senate would remove President Trump from office?

24) Do you believe that Democrats will continue with threats of impeachment as long as President Trump is in office?