Do you think people should be able to carry firearms in public?

Millions of people believe not only that they have a right to defend themselves and own the proper, most advanced tools available to them to do that, but they believe that every law that hinders that is a violation of their rights guaranteed under the Constitution — a Constitution designed to restrain government, not grant rights.

That includes carrying a firearm in whichever public space they so choose. What do you think?

Further, Florida, Oregon and many other states are restricting gun rights, while many stores and banks are cutting off the ability of citizens to legally purchase a gun. And they are doing it without anyone passing any new laws.

Bob Livingston Alerts and The Bob Livingston Letter® is conducting an urgent poll to ask your opinion regarding the tactics of those who oppose the 2nd Amendment, and the new laws across the country.

The results of the poll will be available to you after you submit your vote. We want to know what you think…

1) Do you believe people should be able to carry firearms in public?

2) Do you believe that state law or federal law should determine if someone can purchase/possess firearms?

3) Do you believe that there should be gun ownership background checks?

4) Do you believe that the federal government should require people applying for concealed gun permits to get at least eight hours of gun safety training?

5) Do you believe that there is an economic war being waged against gun ownership by politicians, banks and retail outlets through restrictive laws and taxation cutting off financing and accounts and refusing to sell guns or ammunition?

6) Do you believe that state governments should require all law enforcement agencies to input information on lost or stolen guns into a state database within a week of the agency finding out the firearm is missing?

7) Do you support “red flag laws” that allow law enforcement to take guns away from people deemed a risk to themselves or others but who have not been charged with or convicted of a crime?

8) Should there be a federally mandated age to legally purchase any kind of firearm?

9) What age do you think is appropriate for the federally mandated age to legally purchase firearms?